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Your First Visit

During your first visit, Dr. Wheeler will conduct a complete orthodontic clinical exam. He will listen to your concerns, discuss the results of the examination with you and review the benefits of any necessary treatment. If treatment is indicated, he will be able to offer treatment options as well as an estimate as to the cost and length of treatment for each option. If you are interested in moving forward with one of the treatment options presented, our staff will explain what records (digital impressions, x-rays, photos) will be needed to finalize the treatment plan as well as financial options for payment.

What To Bring To Your Fist Visit

We do everything we can to make sure your consultation runs smoothly and is enjoyable, but you can help by coming prepared with the following things:

  1. 1. X-rays from your general dentist, if possible
  2. 2. Your dental insurance information
  3. 3. Patient Forms filled out
  4. 4. Your questions about orthodontic treatment!

Being prepared and ready for your appointment will save you time and allow us to make your first visit the very best experience.

Your Consultation Visit

The consultation visit is scheduled at the end of your first visit. Once all necessary records have been obtained and Dr. Wheeler has prepared a personalized treatment plan for your case, he will personally review your records and his recommended treatment plan with you in person or virtually if you would like to skip that office visit.

The staff will work with you to identify the payment option that best fits your family’s financial resources.

Observation Visits

For some children, starting treatment would be more effective after there is further growth and dental development. If this is the case, your child will be re-evaluated every six to twelve months at no additional charge until the timing is ideal to begin orthodontic care.

We Look Forward To Meeting You!

We’re so excited to see you and help you get the healthy, aligned smile you’ve always deserved. If you have any questions, please call 419-473-1339 or email us using this form.